Overcoming Fear - Taking My First Phone Interview

Debbie at the Vermilion Art of Career Re-Entry Conference

I Want to Work

Looking at my future, I know I want to work. I have experience as an educator, non-profit fundraiser and board member, corporate trainer and working as a career angel for Vermilion Talent.  I am also a mom, wife, sandwich generation care giver from out of state, dog owner, volunteer, etc… and in my mind, I strongly believe I have the confidence to do just about anything. I am ready to jump into the deep-end and start swimming!
So, what on earth is getting in my way to finding that next job? A big part of it is myself (my own fears) and the other part is having the right connection. When these too are working together for good, then opportunities happen.

Taking Risks

I recently took a huge risk. I sent my resume to a friend, who had a connection to a large corporation, for a Human Resources Coordinator position.  Guess what? I was offered the opportunity to participate in a phone interview.  I was over the moon with excitement, but I also knew I had a ton of work to do to get ready for this call.

I took the time to properly prepare for this great opportunity. I had already gone through the career-coaching program with Vermilion Talent, so I had named my skills, strengths and weaknesses. I immediately started researching the company, took iPhone videos of myself answering some basic questions and realized quickly, I still had a ton work to do.  

Did I Get the Job?

After many hours of prep work, I finally had my phone interview. I had an engaging 30-minute phone conversation and gave it my best shot. I then waited for the response. The burning question was did I get the job. It turns out I was not offered a second interview.  Was I disappointed? Yes, but I received valuable feedback and look at it as a great learning experience.
Had I not taken that phone interview, I would have never learned what I needed to know as a professional.  I am proud that I took the  “risk” to take the call and realize it’s ok to fail. I now feel fully armed and ready for the next call, as I have implemented some of the things I learned into my own day-to-day life.

My Success Story

This experience allowed me to grow and I will continue to practice interviewing, so I am better prepared for the next call.  I believe, none of us learn from easy success and being handed the “silver spoon.”  In order to be successful in the job search, I have learned to allow myself to be vulnerable enough to expose myself to experiences, which might not come easy. What I gained from this experience is invaluable. I will not let fear hold me back. I am now energized to get out there and continue to take more risks!

Debbie Zingg is a Vermilion Talent Member and Career Angel, leading the Vermilion Career Community in Rye, NY. As a Career Angel, she offer career support to professional women who wish to return to work. Debbie is an experienced educator. former expat and active community leader. She lives with her family in Rye, NY.