Rebooting your Dress Code

If you thought making the decision to get back into the workforce and landing a job was hard, wait until you have to choose what to wear. After having been away from the office for a number of years, dress codes have undergone major changes, and odds are so have you. Even if the clothes you wore to work years ago still fit, and I’m slightly jealous if they do, it doesn’t mean you should wear them.

The negatives of wearing your old power suit or other clothes more than 10 years old, is that you will look like you’re stuck in the past and that sends the message that you are not a progressive and/or out of the box thinker. Plus it can make a woman look older when wearing her older clothes. We NEVER want that.

Here are a few tips for what to wear for interviews and work, and help you avoid wasting hours each week trying to figure out what to wear and buy.

  • NO MORE COVERING UP IN OVER-SIZED CLOTHES. So many women believe that by wearing boxy oversized clothes they’ll look thinner, when in actuality they look bigger and like they’re hiding. It’s never a good idea to disappear into the room when you’re looking to grow your career and income.

  • BUY CLOTHES THAT FIT YOUR BODY, not the size number you think you are or want to be. By going for what fits the largest parts of your body, and taking in any gaps, you’ll discover you’ll actually look thinner then when wearing too tight or loose clothes. You’ll learn to love tailoring because women get compliments and confidence when wearing properly and flattering clothes, and not for the number on their size label.

  • DON’T WEAR OLD SUIT JACKETS. Instead please donate them. If you must wear a jacket, or something to cover your arms, then get new ones with seaming details that can be worn with many other pants, skirts and even jeans. Another alternative are flowing toppers that skim the body. A jacket that goes over a top must be current and stylish for a woman to not look outdated.

  • LOSE THE SHOES. I mean the old ones that you either can’t or shouldn’t wear anymore and please donate the ones that are worn out or orthopedic looking. Finding stylish and comfortable shoes is no longer difficult to do.
    Tip: Hem 1 pair of basic black pants for flats and another for heels. This way your pants will always look polished instead of sloppy.

  • GET PERSONAL WITH ACCESSORIES.  Use jewelry, scarves, shoes and handbags to bring in a touch of personality, creativity and individuality to your outfit.

What we wear not only affects how other sees us, but also even more important is how you see yourself.

When you have confidence in your appearance, you’ll find yourself standing taller, smiling, and looking forward to attending events and meetings vs. hiding behind the computer watching opportunities pass you by.

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Scarlett De Bease is a wardrobe Stylist and author of Stop Stressing About Dressing. She creates flattering outfits for women over 40 and shows them how to dress for the body and life they have now. She ends that deer in the headlight look when a woman opens her closet doors and says, wait for it..."I have nothing to wear". Just like on the day you get your hair done, and you feel like you can conquer the world; when you have a personal style that suits you and makes you feel amazing about how you look, you’ll be confident in putting yourself out there to be noticed – it changes the game in your business and personal life. Scarlett works with women personally and virtually providing personal styling as well as shopping services. You can find out more about Scarlett at and don’t forget to sign up for her her free styling & shopping tips.