Get off that Hamster Wheel

Why is it that we moms put ourselves last? I am including myself in this category.Whether it’s about our health, careers, friendships – we put kids, errands, even laundry ahead of taking a moment to breathe and focus on ourselves.  Yes, even laundry! Makes me feel like that proverbial hamster on a wheel.

When I had my first son, Jonah, my mom came to stay with us, which was a godsend. One of the first pieces of advice she shared was to feed yourself first before you feed the baby. You need sustenance, strength, energy, and clarity before you can offer it to anyone else. Common sense, but I needed this pointed out to me.

I followed her advice during this phase and promptly set it aside, jumped on the hamster wheel, and here we are today. I know it’s not just me. I see it in my circle of friends and now in my work with the many talented women I meet. Women who took a career break to nurture others – their children, their aging parents, their spouses etc. The thought of nurturing yourself and your dreams is put on the back burner. Until one day, when you set that intention to make a change and take one small step. 

This could mean signing up for a yoga class or having a coffee date with a friend every Friday, or even scheduling 30 minutes with yourself to read. When it comes to your career, for many in our community, the one small step was coming to a Vermilion event or telling a friend that they want to get back to a career.

So, bringing this full circle for you and the next chapter of your career. What do you want in the next chapter of your career? Is it re-entering the paid workforce? Is it starting a business? Or perhaps, making a career change. Have you given it some thought and attention? And what have you one to achieve this goal?

As I tell my kids, you don’t have to have all the answers. But, it all starts with curiosity and setting an intention for yourself. Next? Surround yourself will people that will support your goals. Finally, take one small step, learn from it, and repeat.

Wherever you are in your journey, from just thinking about what to do, to career discovery or conducting an active job search – join us at the Art of Career Re-Entry Conference on March 29.We have designed a day of inspiration AND action just for you.