Tips & Tricks: How to Highlight your Volunteer Experience

During a career break, many women contribute their skills, knowledge, and time to volunteering.  We find that many women hesitate in counting volunteer activities as a job.  We'll say it again, whether it is paid or un-paid, work is work, yielding experience, skill development, and achievements. 

We are not alone in this opinion. Did you know 42% of hiring managers surveyed by LinkedIn said they view volunteer experience as equivalent to formal work experience?

So, as you prepare for your next career opportunity, make sure you:

1.    Do a complete inventory of your volunteer projects during your career break.

2.    Tag each project with functional skill and list quantifiable metrics for each project. 

3.    Identify the projects with transferrable skills relevant to the career you desire.

4.    Shout it from the rooftops....these are your career break success stories!  Include these on your resume & LinkedIn Profile.

5.    Make a mental note to include this in your elevator pitch.

6. Get feedback from friends and family (or us!)