Spotlight on Sharon Famiglietti, Senior Human Resources Business Partner, Ethan Allen Global Inc.

We had the pleasure of meeting Sharon Famiglietti, Sr. Human Resources Business Partner – Ethan Allen Global Inc. Sharon shares her perspective on career re-entry.

About Sharon

Sharon is an Human Resources Professional/Business Partner with substantial experience in core process improvement, training and development, and talent management/recruiting in National and International companies - Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Aerospace, Manufacturing and Motorsports Entertainment. Her focus is partnering with executive management to provide sound/creative solutions in a dynamic team environment.

VT:  Who are you, what are you known for? 

SF:  I am a dedicated professional who has a passion for excellence and customer service.  I am known for my ability to work hard to understand the styles and needs of my internal customers to further successful interactions and results.

VT:  What is your motto / favorite quote?
SF:  "Never say never..."  

VT:  Why is the topic of Career Re-entry important to you?
SF:  I have personally had to re-enter the workforce several times in my career.  As a single mom, I stayed home with my son for the first 5 years of his life.  He went to Kindergarten and I returned to work.  I have also been in transition due to down turns in business.  I pursued networking opportunities though not always in my comfort zone.  I met my current manager at a networking event and was able to connect with her on a level that transcended my resume.

VT:  What is in your view the key to career re-entry success for Vermilion Talent members?
SF:  Stay involved with your field of expertise and passion.  Research your opportunities.  Be physically and "mentally" prepared when you are searching for and interviewing for a position.  

VT:  What else would you like to share with us? 
SF:  Continually take stock of your skills, abilities and passions.  Set realistic expectations on compensation and schedules.