Spotlight on Leslie Bouchard, Senior Director Human Resources, Ethan Allen Global Inc.

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Leslie Bouchard – Senior Director - Human Resources, Ethan Allen Global, Inc. and its Subsidiaries

About Leslie

Leslie is an accomplished human resources executive with proven track record of  developing and aligning strategic programs and business support services that improve organizational effectiveness, drive profitability, and employee engagement. Regarded as continuous improvement evangelist, business partner and consultant to senior management, she possesses expertise in leading organizational change during restructure, alignment of brand and cultural change, strategic, occupational health & safety, crisis management and succession planning, executive coaching, pay for performance and union avoidance.  She is recognized for collaborative team in facilitating change and managing growth.  Leaders consider her to be an innovative thinker and creative problem solver with superior communication skills and active listening, seeking to understand before being understood. 

We had the pleasure of getting to know Leslie and wanted to share her perspective on talent, the job market and getting back in.

VT:  What is your motto / favorite quote?

LB:  "Start with the end in mind." -  Stephen Covey 

VT:  Why is the topic of women and Career Re-entry important to you?
LB: I fully advocate and support women, who for any number of reasons have stepped away from the workforce and elect to return. They bring to the table a wealth of experience, commitment, passion for their careers and in so many cases strategic thinking and results orientation. 

VT:  What is in your view the key to career re-entry success for our Vermilion Talent members?
LB:  Continue to focus on reinvention of yourself and the way you view work. Remain agile and  nimble in your thought process and remain comfortable with change as it is now part of the daily workday. Stay current on what is happening in the marketplace as it relates to customers, products, technology and ecommerce and digital marketing.

VT:  What else would you like to share with us?
LB: In so many cases, it is imperative to demonstrate that you can work as part of a team, particularly as more organizations move toward a new generation of self-managed work teams.