A Mindful Approach to Career Transition

Its May and we are being mindful - present with our thoughts, our intentions, and our actions.  This is inherent to each of us, it just gets lost in our harried lives. With this, we bring our attention to thinking about about the life we want to create. What does this look like? A big part of this is the work we choose in the next chapter of our careers.  

Starting with clarity helps.  This mitigates the feeling of driving without a destination and the stress/frustration that comes with not getting to where you want to go.  This is exactly the reason why we believe that a mindful approach of the early stages of exploring career re-entry or transition is the key to success. Taking the time to evaluate what fits in this chapter of your life whether it be entrepreneurship or a corporate career is critical.  Going further, to understand and value the the right culture will allow you to thrive (not only at your job, but in your life!)

A mindful approach means taking the time to create "mindspace" to figure out how to handle not only the ins and outs of daily life but also larger decisions such as how to create the next chapter of your professional life. Throughout the month, we will share tools and resources to help you do this.

We share today Anne-Barbara's personal journey after she relocated to the States from the Netherlands. She made a conscious decision to spend time and create "mindspace" using meditation and yoga. Although the urge to apply for jobs was strong, she held off. Once she had better clarity on what "fit" for her in this new chapter, she was able to be open to new opportunities in different functional areas and industries. She was also able to say 'no' to job offers that didn't reflect her ideal role. She eventually went on to start a position at Deloitte under her own terms and in the end, this lead her to co-found Vermilion Talent.  This was a twist to the story - something that none of her friends, family, or colleagues had expected.

So, we invite you to do the same to create "mindspace" and a mindset to explore the next chapter of your career. We are confident the rest will follow.

A few suggestions on how to get started...

  • Try a simple guided meditation using the Headspace app....just 10 minutes a day!
  • Write down and reflect on what it is that you want, not just professionally, but holistically in your life. Not sure how to get started, read this...a great article to guide you on figuring out who you want to be versus what you should do. 
  • Build in a "mindful" component into your daily routine - whether it be through meditation, yoga, or writing in a journal. 
Of course, we invite you to join us at our event this month, with mindfulness expert Ken Bambace and Sarah Hinawi, Ted Resident and founder of Purpl. See all details below!

As always, we'd love to hear from you. Share with us how mindfulness has helped you in your journey back to work.