Mastering the Interview

Spring is officially here signaling renewal and growth, all relevant from a career perspective as well. We recently read an article comparing a "growth mindset" to a "fixed mindset." This sounds great in theory, but what does it really mean? It reflects your core belief that your talents are not innate, but can be developed "through hard work, good strategies, and input from others."  It's a focus on learning, making mistakes, and refining your skills as you move through life. This is a stark contrast to a fixed mindset where your focus is on proving that you are "smart" or "right."

Why is this relevant? The desire and aptitude to learn is a truly a "critical success factor" for anyone re-entering the workforce or transitioning to a new career. The job you left 10 years ago may have changed drastically due to regulatory factors, technology, or changing demographics (e.g. the influx of millennials) in the workplace.  Work may not be done the same way as it was in the past.  Embracing this "growth mindset" sets you apart from someone who is trying to prove their innate competence versus the ability to learn and adapt.

This month we are highlighting interviewing, the art and science of selling yourself to a perfect stranger in 30 minutes.  How do you communicate your core values, skills and abilities with confidence? Most of us cringe at the thought of this, but again, preparation is the key to mastery. Key ingredients?
  • Being confident, polished, embracing a growth mindset and communicating relevant achievements are all part of the recipe.
  • Reframe the interview as a conversation - an opportunity to share why you are a great fit for this role and learn about the company you want to be a part of.
  • Although it may not feel this way, keep in mind that an interview is a two way process where they are evaluating you for fit and vice versa.  
We invite you to learn more about preparing for interviewing at our April 20th event, Interview Prep & Mock Interviews with Hiring Managers.  We kickoff the evening with Jaime Morris and Diane Spizzirro from Success Image.  They will share their formula for creating success stories, an unique approach to highlighting and communicating your achievements succinctly in an interview. Then, you will get the opportunity to practice these skills with a mock interview with an HR/Hiring Manager from leading companies such as Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Heineken, Pepsico, and PKF O'Connor Davies. 

Wishing each of you an amazing April and look forward to seeing you on Thursday, April 20th at our next event.

To Your Success,
Anju & Anne-Barbara