Tips & Tricks: Getting a Great Professional Headshot

We all know that a professional headshot on LinkedIn is a must, but harder to find is a picture that captures your true personality. Photographer, Alison Sheehy shares her tips & tricks on getting that elusive headshot done!  She truly has a gift for making all her subjects feel comfortable and drawing out an authentic portrait. 

Before your headshot session: 
• Research photographers. Know what style headshot you like and why.
• Decide what you want to express in your image: confidence, authority, warmth, accessibility?
• Choose the environment: studio, office, outdoor? Which environment represents your profession best?
• Decide how you will ultimately use your headshot (linkedin, website, social media, printed materials?) and communicate this to your photographer
• Understand exactly what the photographer will deliver. High resolution jpgs? Prints? How many? Royalty free use?
• Decide what to wear: clothing that is corporate or more casual? Again, what is appropriate for your profession and your personal brand? Choose clean lines and simple jewelry. Bring options and ask for photographer’s suggestions.
• Decide whether to hire a professional makeup artist.

During the headshot session:
• Make sure you move positions, don’t get stuck.
• Ask to see images as you go.
• Communicate to your photographer if there is an angle, side or expression you particularly like or don’t like.
• Comfort is key - if a pose feels unnatural, change it.
• Listen to music if it helps you relax.
• Take a break if you need it.
• Breathe!
After headshot session: 
• Take your time reviewing proofs.
• Choose only one or two friends you trust and who understand your profession to help choose favorites.
• Ask for the photographer’s feedback on his or her favorites.
• Understand how to upload your new headshot to your website and social media.This is a text block. You can use it to add text to your template.

About Alison Sheehy
Alison specializes in headshot photography for women who are moving on to their next adventure, whether it be an entrepreneurial endeavor, a career switch, or a return to a profession after spending time with family. Alison has owned Alison Sheehy Photography, focusing on portrait and family photography, for nine years. She’s worked as a photographer since college, shooting portraits in studio and candid settings as well as photographing events. In addition to photography, Alison has enjoyed a parallel career as an actress and received an M.F.A. from NYU’s Tisch School of Arts.  She has performed on Broadway, Off-Broadway, regionally, and in television and film.  Her training in acting and improvisation has been invaluable to her work as a photographer, giving her a unique understanding of what works best both in front of and behind the camera.