Featuring Perspectives from the Vermilion Community

Every day we meet the most inspiring, knowledgable and skilled people. Our mission is to make relevant and authentic connections between these people. Below, we share perspectives from our talent community members, corporate partners and resource providers.

"You jumpstarted my career in 3 days. From dusting off my resume to preparing me for interviews, after a 13 year career gap, I am back to work building relationships for a community based calendaring tool."

Jayani Alles Community Manager Burbio

The diversity of programs Vermilion Talent offers on a regular basis, serves members who have been out of the marketplace. I like to think myself as still connected to the business world and up to speed on navigating and building the brand (me) I represent. However, each event I've attended has offered some new insight, connection, opportunity to improve my brand (me).

Connie Gallo Brand Strategist, Sales & Marketing Executive

​"In April 2014, I was part of the pilot cohort program offered by Vermilion Talent’s New York Chapter (now Vermilion Talent.) The cohort members had an opportunity to explore personality traits and character traits, and various additional resources. Through this program, by exploring myself and my community, I determined that staying in the field I was trained in (corporate law) but being an entrepreneur was the best fit for me."

Natascha Feenstra Attorney ​Feenstra Law PLLC

​"I am an attorney and have been a stay-at-home mom for nearly 8 years. What quickly became apparent to me was the scarcity of services available for women in my situation. I knew I needed to build that my task at hand would require a social and professional network, coaching and a touch of rebranding. Vermilion Talent provided that framework I needed to move ahead and I am starting a new job next week! Thank you Anju and Anne-Barbara!"

Rachel Grandwetter HR Director Clason Point Partners